How It Works

Any and all start-ups are welcome to submit their company to receive feedback on their idea and pitch materials.

1) Submit Your Company

Let us know your problem, solution, market, team, raise, and overall idea. You can see a full list of the questions we ask here.

2) VCs Review Your Submissions

All submissions are evaluated by a panel of experienced investors from top firms and angels. They range from partners and principals to expert analysts and associates. All reviewers are VC’s who are “in the room” when decisions are made and checks are written. Panelists review your materials according to a set of structured review questions.

3) Get Feedback

You’ll receive an in-depth report showing the feedback investors have given. Each report offers a combination of aggregated data showing how you’ve been ranked independently and compared to your peers, and also qualitative commentary directly from investors about specific aspects of your company.